Networking Solutions

Networks and networking have grown exponentially over the years with huge increases in critical user needs such as sharing data and peripherals, as well as high bandwidth demand for Voice, Video and Data.

We offer a bouquet of networking products such as a full line of switches, routers, aggregators etc. primarily to our clients based in the CIS region. We provide turnkey solutions for network implementation which offers concept to completion services ranging from system and program planning, network engineering & design, procurement & supplies, installation, system integration and commissioning.

The equipment are provided with open source ensuring “transparency” to the network security which has increasingly become highly critical to the clients. In comparison with the expensive equivalent products offered by the western brands, our products are developed in India and are highly competitive. The products are tested and operational across various networks in India and are free from any compatibility issues.

The products are highly robust and are engineered to operate in challenging climatic conditions and high operational requirements.

Networking Solutions
  • Routers
  • Aggregators
  • Switches
  • Optical Technologies: GPON
  • ADSL Routers
  • Soft Switches
AC / DC power Systems
  • AC-DC Rectifiers

    Network Management System / Controllers

    Power Back-up Solutions

    Battery Management System

    Cabinets / Cooling solutions

AC / DC power Systems

Combining the strength of existing SMPS power plants with conventional Power Interface Unit features, we have developed an integrated AC / DC power plant which is competitive, has better space utilization, and is more energy efficient compared to the current solutions being used by mobile telecom operators. We also offer modular and energy efficient telecom shelters and passive Infrastructure solutions. Our products are designed & engineered to meet harsh climatic and power requirements; and stringent standards.

Energy Storage Solutions

We offer various energy storage solutions including Sealed Maintenance Free Valve Regulated Lead Acid (SMF-VRLA) batteries, Low Maintenance Lead Acid (LMLA) Tubular batteries and Lithium Ion Batteries. These batteries are used in various applications such as Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems, Inverters, renewable energy storage and telecom energy management systems.

Energy Storage Solutions
  • SMF VRLA batteries

    LMLA Tubular batteries

    Li-Ion based Batteries & Solutions

    UPS / Inverters

  • Optical Fiber cables
  • Power Cables
  • Fire-resistant Cables


We offer various types of Optical Fibre Cables (Armored Cables, Fully Dielectric Self Supporting Cables, Duct Cables, Aerial Cables, Dielectric Aerial Cables, High Fiber Count Ribbon Cables, Micro-duct / Mini-cables / Air Blown Cables, FTTH Cables, Premises Cables (Riser/Plenum Rated Distribution Cables and Simplex/Duplex Cables). We also supply a wide range of power cables and fire-resistant cables.